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Using a professional form builder to build your landing pages

Ron E , 06/06/2016
Using a professional form builder to build your landing pages

You don’t get a second chance to make a first good impression they say….  Well this might be true in real life.  In online marketing you do.   There is always the next visitor and your next campaign. This is exactly why you must understand landing page optimization. By optimizing your design and message you will keep improving that first impression which in turn will translate into higher conversion rates for your pages. Because optimizing your landing page is not a one time thing. Graham Charlton , in his post "12 essential PPC landing page success factors" talks about a term coined by Jim Sterne, author of Web Metrics, "Try It! Measure It! Tweak It!" (TIMITI) in order to emphasize that  landing pages should be reviewed and improved continuously.
What can you do to optimize your landing pages?

What can you do to optimize your landing pages?

Aaron Orendorff  talks about "your goal", in his post "Landing Page Optimization: Find Heaven By Saving Your Visitors From Hell" and says that you need to decide “What is your goal … the one, smallest, easiest thing you want your reader to do?”. He also says that once you find your goal you need to align the other content to it "Start with your ultimate goal and then … work backwards". So the goal is important. what now?
It all starts with a good design and message. Andrea Fryrear, in her post "Optimize Your PPC Landing Pages With This 9 Point Checklist"  talks about using Compelling Visuals because "Nothing creates an aura of uncertainty like an image that is low quality or completely unrelated to the product or service being offered".
You think you nailed it? Think again, and then put it to test. The first step is to make sure you did not do any mistakes in designing your online form. That’s where FormTitan’s CRO engine comes handy: It goes over your form and lets you know if there is anything that requiresfixing. E.g. did you set phone number as a mandatory field? That’s a huge mistake...Research have shown people really don’t like leaving their phone number and will just abandon your form. Click here to read more about CRO.

Ok, so CRO wise you are ok, what;s next?

Ok, so CRO wise you are ok, what’s next?

Before you fully open the throttle and bring traffic to your new landing page, you want to make sure it works. Is your key message the right one? Are your background images doing the job? There are two simple techniques you can use at this point. The first is to use heatmaps. This will give you an idea how your visitors interact with your page. Which areas they hover around, and which areas they neglect. Click here to read more about heatmaps and what they do for you. The second thing you should do is A/B test. Create several versions for your landing page. Try different key messages, different images and even different layout. Put it to test and see how your users react. Soon you will find out which version is your winner. Click here to read more about A/B testing and online Forms.

What else can you do?

What else can you do?

Interaction. Interact with your visitors, get personal and get their feedback. The best thing you can do is chat enable your page. We are not suggesting herethat you set up a call center with 24/7 agents, although for some businesses that’s a very good idea. The idea here is to get some basic initial feedback. As youfine tune your page and your message, talking with some users can be really helpful. Click here to find more about FormTitan’s built in chat feature.

Congratulations. Your landing page works. What;s next?

Congratulations. Your landing page works. What’s next?

You have an optimized landing page. You are converting your visitors and generating leads or bringing them to your website. Is there anything else you should consider? Unfortunately, most visitors will still abandon your website. This is where an exit form can play a part. Make one more attempt to attract your visitors.FormTitan automatically identifies for you when visitors are just about to leave your page and lets you pop up a “last chance” or winback message. Read more about FormTitan exit pages