Chat - Using online chat to fight form abandonment

Remember your goals from CRO 101?

It's all about getting more people to submit your forms. But what if you could interact with your users in real time? You could get invaluable feedback, understand where your visitors get stuck, and make sure they complete and submit your forms. This is exactly why we built the Titan’s chat feature.

How does it work?

All you need is to chat-enable your form. You can easily do that from within the form builder or your management console. Select the form you want to interact with and click on “start-chat”. Your visitors will now see your invitation to chat at the bottom of the form. You can even chat with several visitors concurrently and view how long each of them is awaiting your response. As you chat with your visitors you can view the fields they already submitted and make sure they complete the form.

Is it worth the effort?

Interacting with your visitors in real time is probably the best way to fight form abandonment. Depending on your traffic, staffing and needs, you may do it on a regular basis or just as a way to get marketing feedback and improve your insight into your visitors behaviour.

Chat is only one of many components making up our Optimization Feature
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