Web forms conversion rate optimization

CRO 101

In the world of Online forms, conversion rate is the number of visitors who submitted a formdivided by the total number of visitors to that form. Conversion Rate Optimization simply refers to the process of improving your form by increasing your conversion rates.

It's all about goals… do you know yours ?

When you design a form you should always remember what your goal is. Most likely it's not just to build an eye catching form. Your goal is to get as many of your visitors to submit it! That’s exactly where CRO and AB Testing come into play. CRO rules will help you build a form that is more appealing, user friendly, clear and calls to action. For example, did you know that simple factors such as the type of alignment you choose for your labels (top, bottom, left, or right) has a significant impact on the conversions you get ?

Designing a form without paying attention to CRO is like designing a fancy vehicle without considering factors such as speed, fuel consumption, etc.

Ok...so CRO is important - how do i use it ?

You can try, of course, to research CRO yourself. however, this topic is complex, and applying many rules will require programming skills. If you are already using a form builder, this will not help you, since there are many form builders out there, but only few of them acknowledgethe fact that a good form is one that converts and none of them provide this service.

What’s make FormTitan CRO engine so special ?

FormTitan is the only online form builder with an innovative built in CRO engine. this meansit holds vast CRO knowledge and enables you to apply it on your forms.

Our CRO engine is based on hundreds of rules, and is constantly growing... making it evenmore powerful.

It analyzes your form and provides you , in real time, with a list of relevant tips (Titan Tips). A click on a "Fix it" button and the titan will automatically make the fixes for you. The CRO engine is part of the titan platform and available with all plans, including FREE.

Conversion rate optimization is only one of many components making up our Optimization Feature
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