A/B testing for more conversions

A/B testing 101

A/B testing is simply a way to decide between two alternatives. A traditional A/B test system lets you specify two variations of a form. Then it divides your viewers, around the same time, into two groups of the same size. One group gets to view form ‘A’ and the other form ‘B’. When the test is done you can easily see which of the variations worked better for you.

Ok, i get what it is, but why do I need it ?

Remember CRO? this is very similar, its all about optimizing your conversions. Our automated CRO rules gives you a good head start, however you may always find yourself debating around issues which are specific to your form: Are you using the right message for your headline? Are you asking too many questions and driving your visitors away? Whenever you are in doubt about your design, simply test it.

Ok...so A/B testing is important - what can i test and how do i use it ?

It starts with creating variations of your form. You may use variations which are very similar and differ only in one thing: e.g. color of buttons. Alternatively, you may test your key message and compare completely different designs. We suggest you start with the “bigger” variations and move to the finer details at a second stage. With a click of a button, FormTitan lets you enable A/B testing and select your form variations. Sit back and watch your results in real-time. Still not sure? move to the next set of changes and test again.

What makes FormTitan’s A/B testing so special ?

For a long time, A/B testing has been a tool reserved for professional marketers who are willing to pay for expensive products or services. FormTitan makes it easy for every user to set, run and analyze results. A/B testing, is not an add-on, but an integral part of the FormTitan platform and is available with all plans, including FREE.

A/B Testing is only one of many components making up our Optimization Feature
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