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A rundown of FormTitan's Features. You name it - we've got it!
Create beautiful forms
Use our themes and templates or design your own. The Titan gives you unmatched flexibility to create stunning forms. Drag & drop from a large selection of field types, Add your logo, backgrounds and colors and position your fields exactly where you want them. All this without one line of programming.
Optimize like a PRO Marketer
With the Titan you can build and test forms as a real PRO. Our optimization package includes auto CRO tips, heatmaps to show you how users interact with your forms and A/B testing to choose the form that gets the best conversions.
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Do more with your data
Export directly to a large selection of services. (Google Docs, Sheets, SalesForce, and more). Or use our simple API to connect your forms with 3rd party applications you are using. Benefit from features such as Calculating fields which provides you with online calculation for data entered by your users. Use digital signatures to verify and capture your user's signatures.
Add brains to your forms
With advanced conditional logic you can create smarter forms. Show or hide fields based on any combination of logic rules. Skip parts of the form and tailor email messages based on specific user responses.
Gain more insight
Use our dashboard to view submissions, views and conversion rates. Drill down to view specific submission data. Easily create and share customized reports for your forms. Use our Google analytics integration to understand origin of your visitors, time spent on your forms, geo-location data and more.
Reduce form abandonment by chatting with your users
Use the Titan’s built in chat to interact with your users in real time. Help them fill and submit the form, or have a better understanding of where and why they get stuck.
Protect your forms
Use the Titan’s smart captcha feature to protect you from spammers, bots and irrelevant submissions. All forms are 256 bit SSL encrypted. Reassure your users with our Comodo Secured Seal on your forms.
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Make money with your forms
Use our payment integration wizard to set payments on your form. Simply set currency and pricing parameters. Assign pricing to your data fields, select your payment processor and your are done. Congrats! you just built your own shopping cart.
Map your paper form to an online form
FormTitan supports businesses who still rely on paper forms. With the Paper form mapping feature you can easily convert your paper form into a responsive online form, while still receiving the data and digital signatures in the original paper form layout.
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Target your audience
Easily customize the email to make it more appealing, as well as Track how many viewed or filled in the form, and re-send it to those who did not react.
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Add workflow to your documents
Automate your manual processes by defining a flow, in which your document will travel.
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