Target your audience and send them your online form

Build a form, create a mailing or phone list, set up a campaign and track it.

Send to a custom mailing / phone list
Track your form

What is targeting and why use it ?

With targeting you will be able to Send your form, via email or sms, to a custom audience and track their views and submission.

Let’s assume you are running a survey or a work questionnaire and you need to make sure everyone fills in your form. By creating a custom mailing list or sms list and using our “Targeting” feature, you will be able to send this survey out to a large number of people. But there is more...after sending out your email/sms you can begin tracking the results: who viewed your form, who filled it in, and even more impotently, who did not show any reaction. Tracing those who did not fill in your form is significant because while you clearly want to re-send to your email or sms and get more leads, you also do not want to hassle those who already filled in your form.

Common use cases:

This feature is good for online forms, that you need to send to a group of recipients in order to get the responses of all/most. It is especially significant in forms that require response tracking.
Examples for such are:
Academic Surveys - surveys conducted in order to check hypotheses in many fields. In order to conduct a survey that will be truly represent
your claim you must collect a certain percentage of feedbacks.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys - this type of survey relies on customers feedback to asses the level of service that was given.
360 Degree Employee Evaluation - survey that gathers responses regarding employees’s capabilities & performances from their supervisors.
Online RSVP Invitation - this online invitation is sent to help you plan your event and requires you to track your responses.