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Formtitan is an online form builder
A/B testing features
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Online Form Builder With CRO

Building a smart online form is simple as...1,2,3

drag elements
Create your web form by dragging elements on to your canvas.
choose theme
Choose one of our beautiful themes, or create your own.
... ta-da! you can use it!
Publish your online form and start collecting your data...

FormTitan form builder reviews

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Excellent service, very easy to use, zero downtime.. i will recommend formtitan to everyone to use. Thanks Dibakar
Dibakar Sahoo
FormTitan has been a real time saver for me. I am saving a lot of time and able to create landing pages in just minutes. Just try it - don't hesitate - it's great!!
Cynthia C.
I am using forms for the last 20 years and must recommend the FormTitan super builder. I can finally get more people to help me out since it is so simple to use... Enjoy it- cause I do :)
Moti Lippmann
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Easy to use form builder, leaving you with nothing to do except...

Fully customized email notifications, customized triggers, flow & conditions.
Access your data from any device and use our powerful tools to manage your entries.
Easily create reports and charts and share them on your own website.

Whatever you need for your form - Our form builder has got it!


Create custom permissions to give users access to your forms, themes, reports and entries.


Very simple REST API to easily access your forms and entries.


Forward your entries in real time using our push notification feature!


Make your form preform better with our conversion rates optimizer

Full Customization

Make your form look and behave the way you really want.

Custom Reports

Simple way to create online reports with charts and grids based on your entries.

Conditional Rules

Define dependencies between elements based on their value, to hide/show parts of the form.

Validation Rules

The ability to specify which data is allowed to be entered in a form field.

A/B Testing

Creating a few versions of your form and testing which one works best.

Form Limits

Control the availability of your forms.

Custom Emails

Customize the emails sent to you and your form fillers.

Payment Integration

A simple and secure way to accept payments in your online form.

Multi Page

Make your long form user friendly by Separating it into multiple pages.

Export Data

Download your entries as CSV, XLS, TXT, or upload to your Google drive


Apply our beautiful themes on your forms free of charge. or create your own custom theme.


Ready to use form templates from our rich gallery. One click form.

Build high converting landing pages

Easily build stunning landing pages with high conversion rates. Select a template, craft your message and you are done. Our built-in professional optimization features make FormTitan form builder your best choice for creating,deploying and managing all your landing pages.

Learn more about landing pages.

Smarter forms with Sentiment Analysis

FormTitan is the only online form builder which lets you benefit from machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to understand what your users are saying. Without any coding, FormTitan form builder will analyze open text entered by your users and will automatically generate a scored sentiment for each submission. (e.g. Happy, 89%, or Aggrevated 75%).
Read more about our sentiment analysis.

Improving your form with CRO

FormTitan online form builer has an innovation conversion rate optimization (CRO) module which allows you to make your form perform better. The CRO tool is user friendly and it does not just show you the problems - it also helps you to fix them!

Read more about conversion rate optimization.

A/B Testing

FormTitan form builder enables you to compare a few versions of your form to see which one perform best. Once you do this you can increase your leads, registrations, revenue... A/B Testing can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your online form. Read more about A/B Testing.