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Powerful bidirectional integration with Salesforce and Dynamic 365 CRMs
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FormTitan Pricing (or use the calculator)
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  • Do you offer a discount for non profits?
    Yes - we do. We give discounts to NPOs and Higher Ed.
    Contact us for more details
  • What is the difference between the licenses ?
    Basically it's all about limitations and storage. You can change your plan on any given time, upgrade / downgrade / cancel.
  • Do you provide an online demo?
    If you want to know more about the tool simply schedule a
    FREE 30-minute online demo with us.
  • Are there any usage guidelines?
    Of course there are - and you are obligated to read and comply with them.
    Read our Terms of Use and our Usage guidelines.
  • What if I decide this is not the product I want ?
    No worries. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you find that FormTitan is not to your satisfaction simply contact us and we will issue a refund.
  • Can I manage collaborators in my account ?
    Sure you can. Our paid licenses allow you to add collaborators and grant them custom permissions of view/edit/delete/enter data in your forms/themes/reports.
  • What are the payment options ?
    We accept PayPal or credit cards. The payments are secured and the process is very simple.
  • Can I cancel my account ?
    Of course. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade accounts on any given time.
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