Automate your manual workflows

Make your document approval process simple and efficient

What is workflow? Who needs it?

In business many tasks are completed only after a series of approvals or a certain flow. Completing these tasks can be very frustrating when done manually:
Dealing with paper work that needs to be sent, delivered & signed each step of the flow is time consuming, and inefficient
What if this procedure could be automated? saving you from running around, making sure all the right people signed in all the right places? Well, there is such a solution: FormTitan Workflow
FormTitan form builder not only enables you to move all your paper forms online, but it also lets you create a flow for your documents & define a route in which they will travel.
For example: a workflow for Approving an IT project

Starting point: a project approval request is submitted

Step 1: It awaits approval from the Department manager. If application is approved - it continues to step 3. If not - a notification is sent to back to the Requesting party.

Step 2: The request will await the approval of the IT Manager. If approved - a notification will be sent back to congratulate the requesting party. If the request is denied - a notification will be sent to inform this.

Learn more about workflow

Use the following examples to find out how to add a workflow to your form:

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