Form Conditioning

Do you have fields that are relevant only for some of your users?

Do you have the need to treat your submissions differently based on how certain fields were answered? If the answer is yes to one or both of these questions, you need the Titan’s conditional logic.

With our conditional logic you can create any number of nested rules. Use And/Or to build more complex logic based on field inputs.

Using Form Conditioning is very helpful in keeping your forms short and simple.

Dont show users fields which aren’t relevant for them. You can easily design your form like a tree which branches out according to user’s inputs.

Use Form Conditioning also to decide what to do upon form submission.

Based on logic combinations of input data you can decide if to send email or push the data using one of our large selection of 3rd party integrations. E.g. you can ask your customers to rate the service they got, and forward only those submission who gave the lowest grade directly to your inbox.

How do i set it up?

The Titan offers both Form level conditions for using logic when your form is sent as well as element level logic. Both settings are available right within the builder. Simply set your filters (e.g. field contains AA AND not contains BB) and define your rules results (e.g. Hide Phone# field). You can also use logic to filter field inputs and make sure user inputs are valid.

Form Conditioning is only one of many components making up our Optimization Feature
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