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Use an Exit Popup Form

Fighting bounced traffic and improving conversion rates with FormTitan

Amy W, 18/10/2016
Fighting bounced traffic and improving conversion rates with FormTitan

Landing pages are a great thing. You design and optimize them to max your conversions. However, as you probably know, most visitors will bounce off your pages without leaving a trace, frustrating isn’t it? Exit pop-up pages usually get a lot less attention than landing pages. People are used to spending time (and money) around the point where new visitors enter their website. They usually neglect to think about trying to winback and save all those who bounce off it. Read below to find out how FormTitan can help you with an Exit pop-up pages strategy.

So how does it work?
An Exit pop-up form or page is a page which opens or pops up just as your visitor is about to leave your page. There is no need for an exit pop-up page if the visitor fills in information, clicks a submit button or uses another link that keeps him within your site. However, if your visitor is about to leave your pages and go elsewhere, it's time for you to try and win him back. That is exactly what FormTitan does for you. Using scroll and mouse movement tracking, FormTitan senses that a visitor is about to navigate away from your page and pops up your exit form.

What can you do with an Exit pop-up form or page?
First, your exit form or page should look great and carry a strong message. After all you are trying to save that customer. It can be used for a special promotion, e.g. providing additional discount or “Free Shipping” for those who act now. It can also carry other calls to action like signing up for your newsletter, leaving contact info or asking for feedback.

Using an Exit pop-up survey even earlier in the session
In some cases you don't want to wait till FormTitan identifies the intent to leave the page. For example, you may want to pop up your Exit page to all customerswho spent 2 minutes or more on your page. FormTitan offers “Timed Form” which lets you set a timer and choose when to pop up your message.

Last but not least
Your exit pop-up pages should get at least the same amount of attention as your landing pages. Read here about how FormTitan can help you with your landing page optimization

FormTitan provides an Exit Pop up Form
The formTitan form builder allows you to publish your form as an Exit form. This option generates a code, that makes sure that the pop up form will appear if or when the user tries to leave the page.

In order to use this option, all you need to do is:

1- Press on the "Publish" icon in the "Form Builder" or "My Forms"
Publish Form Icon
2- In the Publish window - choose Exit Form
Publish as Exit Form


Copy the generated code and paste it in your webpage.
Paste the code in your page


When a visitor will try to leave the page a pop up, containing the form will appear.
Pop up appears