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FormTitan Templates For Landing Pages

Marketers rely on landing pages to drive traffic into their website’s.   Landing pages are usually tailored per specific offering or advertising campaign.  The most important factor for a successful landing page is its conversion rate.  Most Landing pages are composed of a graphical image or pictures, a short marketing message and some minimal number of data entry fields or a call for action button.  FormTitan Landing Page templates are ready-to-use templates which can be used for multiple purposes.  Simply select a template you like,  enter your message  and publish. Within less than a minute it's yours, up and running!

What If i want to modify the template and give it a different look?

You can use the landing page template as is, or add and remove elements as you find necessary. E.g. change a background image or change your key message. Feel free to use the form with other themes out of our list, or make your own layout changes, add your colors, logo, etc.

Why should I use a/b testing for my landing page?

The most important feature we offer, when it comes to landing pages, is our A/B testing feature.  Not sure about your message,  want to try out several options?  Or maybe you want to try different layout and design?   With our a/b testing feature you can do just that.    Run the pages one against the other, see how they perform and select your winner.  Click here to read more about our a/b testing.

How do I set a/b testing and pick a winner?

You enable a/b testing  in the  form builder page within the advanced section of your form settings features.   Click on “configure” to add all the variations you want to test.     FormTitan will dynamically split the traffic among the pages you define.   At any time you can can check your dashboard and look at the conversion rate for each of the variations.   At any time you can select the winner to stop the a/b test and continue with the best performing page.

Can I integrate my forms with Salesforce?

Sure you can. and it's easy too. with zero coding you can add a bi directional read and write integration to make your form sync with your Salesforce data.

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