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Thank you message & Thank you page

Optimize your online form by adding a thank you message

Amy W, 06/11/2016
Optimize your online form by adding a thank you message

what is a thank you message

What is a Thank you message?

The Thank you message is a on screen message that appears right after the form is submitted.
When You are creating an online form you need to create a thank you message.

why use a thank you message

Why use a Thank you message?

1- It’s plain manners, for one thing. When someone submits your form you need to say “thank you”. It is also considered good salesmanship and a basic part of customer service. So be courteous and professional about this.
2- It gives the user an instant feedback that his details were sent. Peter Vukovic talks about the “Law of feedback” in his post “7 unbreakable laws of user interface design”. He says that “The user will feel more confident if you provide clear and constant feedback.”
3- The thank you message is informative. It can, and should sometimes, contain relevant information, such as letting the user know who will handle his request, when he will be contacted, etc.
4- It acts as confirmation for a request, order or payment. When people make orders or purchases they tend to re-check them after the sale is done. In this respect the Thank you message acts as a carbon copy of the order made, allowing the user to re-check it.

A Thank you message is short and simple. it "gets the job done" as they say, however, you can customize it by redirecting to a different web page altogether, which will contain this message and more. This option is called a thank you page and it allows you to replace the message with a dedicated, designed page once he submits the form.

This Thank you page option has its benefits. NatureBox, for example, use the thank you page to get more sales by giving a 50% discount coupon once the form is submitted. Check out this example and other good example of beneficial thank you pages in the following post by Ramona Sukhraj “10 Thank You Page Examples That Totally Nailed Lead Nurturing”.


Thank you message and thank you page with FormTitan
When you create an online form with the FormTitan form builder, a simple thank you message is active by default, and so when the user fills in the form he gets the general onscreen message: “Thank you”.


how to use a thank you message

How to use the Thank you Message and Thank you page

Following are steps to customize your Thank you message

1- Enter your form in the form builder
2- Open your "Form Settings" > "Basic" tab > "On Submit" Category > Confirmation text.
This checkbox is turned on by default and actives a default message - "Thank you"
auto translate checkbox

This is what the default message looks like after the form is submitted.
specify form language


Press on the “Set Message” button and enter your own text. Please note that you can also insert form fields in this message by dragging the field names into the message area. For example (in this message we have inserted 2 form fields: 'your name' and 'will you be coming?'): 
Hi, [You name],
Thank you for letting us know your arrival status is [Will you be coming?]
Good day,
The Thompsons.


This is how the customized message will look after the form filler submits your form.

Following are steps to use your thank you page


Open your "Form Settings" > "Basic" tab > "On Submit" Category > Redirect to URL. 
Enter the URL address of your Thank you page.


This is how it will look after the form is submitted and redirected to your specified URL.
specify form language