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Optimize Your Landing Page with The auto Translate

Why do you need to translate your forms and landing pages?

Amy W, 31/10/2016
Why do you need to translate your forms and landing pages?

 What is a Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page?

Before we try and understand why translating a landing page is so important, we should first remind ourselves the meaning and functionality of the landing page.
A landing page is a webpage that is displayed when a potential customer clicks an ad or a result link in a search engine. This landing page usually displays content that is a relevant extension of the advertisement or link. This page is of great importance to your business. It determines whether a potential client will make a purchase or convert into an actual lead.

Large scale businesses, that have branches in other countries always have all their ads and landing pages in several languages. When trying to sell something to people in a different country you will need to address them in their own dialect. This may seem trivial however the more you know your target audience, their culture, habits etc, the more you can better aim your optimization efforts.
But not only large businesses require translation. Nowadays there are many small businesses that want to expand their activity and sell their products / services in other countries. For this reason businesses that have online landing pages and forms need to understand the most basic things they will have to do is to offer their potential clients translated versions according to their spoken language. This is only a part of the optimization they will need to do in order to improve their pages.

Optimization is a must
Optimization is a must

Whether your business is large or small, you will always need to optimize its landing pages and forms to improve conversion. The reason for this is that it takes time and trials. Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process. There are researches on the subject and conclusions you can use to your benefit, However, cro is not a science and each landing page will require different solutions. (for example, a cro rule pertaining to the call-to-action button, says it should stand out. This is indeed a CRO rule that which is always true and one you should apply, however, there are endless different ways to achieve this. With color, contrast, size, location, shape etc - in order to find out what kind of button suits your landing page and provides the best results - you will need to test this).

Optimization with Language
Optimization with Language

James Scherer in his post “Landing Pages: Using the Language that Converts” says your copy needs to be easy-to-read, skimmable. He recommends to use a simple language: “Unless you’re using jargon to create a personable and inclusive page (see below) I recommend you keep your landing page language simple and easy-to-understand.” and although James Scherer does not really talk about the language itself (whether it is in english, french or spanish), using the the visitor’s native tongue for easy readability is self evident. You can make the copy simpler to understand, but if it is not in the visitor’s native tongue -it will not be skimmable.

Myriam Siftar also discusses the language issue in her post “Foreign Language Landing Pages: A First Step in Website Globalization”. She emphasizes the advantages of creating landing pages in foreign languages: “Foreign-language visitors, even if they can read some English, are generally more comfortable using their own language. And these days, with English losing its dominance on the web, they are more likely to be able to find what they want in their own language. If your site is entirely in English, that may be enough to make them go elsewhere. With foreign language landing pages those foreign visitors can at least get an introduction to your company in a readily understandable and welcoming form.”

If you are planning to create your landing page for two or three different audiences you may want to consider creating a separate form /landing page for each audience.
However, if you are planning on creating a form that needs to be translated to more languages you may want to use an auto translate option, that will translate the text into any language at the visitor’s request.

Auto Translate provided by FormTitan

Formtitan optimization tool:
FormTitan, which is platform for creating online forms and landing pages, puts a great emphasis on optimization. It is the only form builder with a built in CRO engine. One of its optimization tools is the auto translate. This feature lets you create your form in a your own language, while offering Your visitors an option to view it in their language.

Following are steps to use the auto translate on your form or landing page:

1- Enter your form in the form builder
2- Open your "Form Settings" > "Advanced" tab > "Optimization" Category > Auto Translate.
Turn on this checkbox.
auto translate checkbox


In order for the auto translate to work you will also need to specify your form language.
Open your "Form Settings" > "Advanced" tab > "Personalization" Category > Auto Translate
specify form language


Now you are set to go - and when users who speak a different language load your form - they will be asked if they would like to translate it to their native tongue.