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Optimize your form with a Spell checker

Use the spell checker to make sure you have no mistakes before you publish your form.

Amy W, 20/10/2016
Use the spell checker to make sure you have no mistakes before you publish your form.


The Spell check is important

Do you understand the importance of spell checking your online form? Do you understand the Impact a mistake can have on your landing page conversion?

Your landing pages, or even the simplest forms in your web pages, play a big role in maintaining as well as bettering your sales and business reputation. If there is a typo or spelling mistake in your landing page it has a great effect on the impression you give.

Every landing page or even simple online form has a goal. The goal may change from form to form, however having spelling mistakes will always keep you away from your goals.

What If 

Imagine you are a visitor on someone else’s landing page. You’re interested, reading through the text and admiring the graphic work when suddenly you stumble upon a spelling mistake. So now the page, that was so convincing just a minute ago looks like it was created by amateurs. It no longer projects a solid, professional image, and any intention you might have had till that moment, ( to fill the form or order a service/product) is now gone. The page lost it’s appeal and is no longer trustworthy.

Poor spelling can be both embarrassing and costly
Carly Stec in her post “11 Embarrassing Spelling and Grammar Mistakes From Brands” gives examples for spelling mistakes made in big companies’ marketing. This may seem funny to us, but it was sure as hell embarrassing and costly for them.

Marianne Chrisos, in her post "Why Spelling Errors Affect Your Business (and How to Avoid Making Them)", shows how spelling mistakes can harm your business. She says that :”Studies show that a single spelling mistake on a website can cut a company’s online sales in half. That means you could have potentially had 1,000 sales (as opposed to the 500 you received) had you fixed that spelling error of “staplar” to “stapler.”



William Comcowich sums it up really well in his post “Tips and Tools to Avoid Spelling Errors in PR Campaigns”. He says “an easily preventable spelling error can instantly damage your brand’s credibility. Every writer must work carefully, take advantage of free online tools that can catch mistakes and use an extra set of experience proofreading eyes whenever possible.

We are all human - that is a fact and mistakes will always happen, however in our attempt to create a flawless copy we need to stop relying solely on ourselves and start using a spell checker.

This is the reason FormTitan provides a spell checker as part of its built in conversion rate optimization engine (CRO engine ). This engine is designed to follow your entire form creation process and offer recommendations in real time, that will optimize your form.
One of the things offered in the CRO engine is the spell checker.

Following are the steps to use the spell checker:

1- Enter your form in the form builder
2- Press on the CRO icon in the upper menu and a window will open containing all the cro tips
CRO icon


If you scroll down to the end of this CRO list you will find that the last “tip” is a spell checker. All you need to do is press on the green “spell check” button.
Activate the spell check


The spelling mistakes will appear as new rows at the end of the cro window..


Choose the correct word from the drop dowm to replace the spelling mistake