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Use cases for Online forms integrated with salesforce

How to integrate online forms with Salesforce objects

Amy W, 30/07/2017
How to integrate online forms with Salesforce objects


What is salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based, complete integrated solution for managing all interactions with your customers and prospects, designed to help your organization grow and succeed.

Salesforce integration with online forms

Online forms work wonderfully with salesforce. The forms are a great way to collect data online and Salesforce is a great CRM solution to utilize this data wisely. Online forms can easily be integrated with Salesforce: updating the data in salesforce objects as well as reading the data from salesforce and populating it inside your forms.

Salesforce integration option located under "Form Settings" in FormTitan form builder

Salesforce objects

Salesforce works by method of objects and integrating means you need to connect with these objects. There are many objects - some are standard and some custom. Examples for Objects are:
* Accounts: companies or individuals that are involved in a business relationship. These can be partners, customers or competitors.
* Contacts: individuals within the accounts.
* Opportunity: an event or activity for revenue generation.
* Case: a problem which a customer may have raised.
* Solution: the description of issues and their resolution.
Forecast: the estimated quarterly revenue of the organization.
Document: documents that are stored in folders for use in the organization.
Folders: holds the documents and determines the access to all the documents within it.
Report: it is the analysis of all the data that are stored in custom or standard objects.
Dashboard: graphical data or groups of charts that are generated from the reports.
Activity: it includes calendar events and tasks.
Products: these refers to items that are sold to customers.
Orders: new to the spring ‘14 release, orders are records of products or services purchased by a customer.
Campaign: marketing projects.
Lead: the companies that are interested in your product.

Form builders on the other hand are flexible and allow you to create any kind of form you want. Be sure to use a form builder that has an integration with Salesforce so that you can easily create online forms for Salesforce - this makes the possibilities endless. Most common online forms integrated with Salesforce are the web-to-lead forms and web-to case-forms, however, there are endless types of forms and combinations you can create using a form builder and Salesforce together.

Choosing an object for the Salesforce integration

Examples of Uses for online forms combined with Salesforce

1- Web-to-Lead. Salesforce documentation describes the web-to-lead as something that generates Leads from Your Website for Your Sales Teams. According to them You can “Automatically generate up to 500 leads per day with the prospecting data from your company’s website visitors. When you set up Web-to-Lead, Salesforce captures prospects who provide contact information. You can also redirect prospects to other Web pages that are critical to campaign success”. A form filler enters data in your online lead or contact form and that submission creates a record as a Lead in Salesforce. Read how to set up a web-to-lead

2- web-to-case According to Salesforce you can “Gather customer support requests directly from your company’s website and automatically generate up to 5,000 new cases a day with Web-to-Case. This can help your organization respond to customers faster, improving your support team’s productivity.” Gather customer support requests directly from your company’s website and automatically generate new cases in your salesforce account. Learn more about how to create a web-to-case

3- Web-to-contact Salesforce contact created from an online web form Create a lead form using the form builder with the following fields... Map the fields in the form to the ones in the salesforce “contact” object. Publish the form and have others fill it in Once filled and submitted, a contact is created in salesforce according to the data entered.

4- Salesforce contact details update Create a form for updating contact information Map it to salesforce contact object with an “update” operation. Once a form filler updates a contact and submits - the data will be updated in the salesforce contact object

5- Populating campaign members in your form lists Create a an online form with a dropdown to capture campaign members. Use the “Get” integration to populate into the dropdown any value from many picklists or objects.

6- Form that enables the form filler to choose products of companies customers. Creating an online form with an option to pre populate any value from salesforce into your form, including 1-many, many-many objects relationship. For example: in a single read you can fetch both customers information, customer contacts information and related products. In the published form, once the form filler chooses a customer, his products will be populated into a dropdown as well.

7- Customer Service Representative Opens a Case The customer calls the service desk and speaks with a representative. l The support representative opens a new case in Salesforce.com.

8- collecting feedbacks/ survey data using an online form to collect feedbacks and logging the responses against contacts records. 9- folders > documents Uploading documents to your salesforce folders via online form. Including attachment object, document objects.  

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