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Salesforce forms for non-profits organizations (NPO)

Giving non profits an extra boost to achieve goals and provide the best service for their community

Amy W, 30/07/2017
Giving non profits an extra boost to achieve goals and provide the best service for their community

What is a non-profit?
What is a non-profit?

according to Nonprofit & Fundraising Resources "A nonprofit is a tax-exempt organization that serves the public interest. In general, the purpose of this type of organization must be charitable, educational, scientific, religious or literary. "

When we think of non profits we usually think of volunteers, donations and no revenue, however, a non profit is still considered an organization and it takes money to run it: It has personnel, expenses and a low budget to do this. Many service providers understand that and are giving discounts to nonprofit organizations as a way to support them and contribute to society.
Salesforce is one of those companies, and it offers not only huge discounts, but also 10 free licenses.

How does Salesforce support nonprofits?
How does Salesforce support nonprofits?

Emily Irish in her post “The Best Software Discounts for Nonprofit Organizations” does the math for us when she says that “Salesforce’s Power of Us program was built to pay it forward, offering Salesforce’s full features for free for up to 10 enterprise user licenses. That’s $15,000 worth of Salesforce service for free”.

What does the salesforce for non-profits include?

According to Payments2us “The standard Salesforce CRM primarily deals with business-to-business type organizations and not individuals which is often the case for many Not-for-profit organizations. The NPSP (non-profit starter pack) addresses this by extending the existing data model and enabling a number of extensions that provide functionality to address specific not-for-profit needs.”

Salesforce offers 5 modules you can install based on your needs:
1- Contacts & Organizations
2- Households
3- Affiliations
4- Relationships
5- Recurring Donations

Integrating with Salesforce
Integrating with Salesforce

Salesforce offers NPO’s a lot, however if these organizations need to collect data online, like feedbacks, surveys, leads etc, they need to use online forms and have them integrated with their Salesforce account.
In order to do this they can hire a programmer, or even better, do it themselves using a form builder.
The form builder is an easy to use online tool that with a simple drag & drop motion you can create any web form you need. Since the form builder does not require any programming knowledge, it may be used by everyone.
There are many online form builders today, and most have integrations, however it is recommended to check each form builder before deciding which one to use since each form builder has different capabilities. FormTitan, for example,  is a powerful Salesforce form builder. It provides a dual integration to Salesforce: One that enables “Writing” to Salesforce objects and “Reading” from them (while most provide only “write”). FormTitan also gives a 15% discount to non profit organizations, which makes it worthwhile. 

There are many non-profit organizations doing well thanks to the support of online services like Salesforce. organizations like Homeless Link or World Economic Forum - There are many examples out there. If you belong to a non profit organization and thinking of using Salesforce you might want to look around for success stories and tips that you could learn from beforehand. Kristine Colosimo provides useful tips for non profits who want to work with Salesforce in her post 10 Ways Nonprofits Can Make Salesforce More Than a Donor Database.

According to the salesforce blog "A recent survey by Cloud for Good shows the quantitative positive impact of Salesforce and consulting services on our clients. 76% of our clients are reporting that Salesforce is making it easier for them to do their job and overall,  we found that nonprofits are communicating more effectively, raising more funds, increasing employee performance, providing better programs or services, and engaging and strengthening their communities."

Sign Up and create online forms with Salesforce integration
Sign Up and create online forms with Salesforce integration

To sum this up we can say that with the help of technology, non-profit organizations can get an extra boost to achieve their goals and serve their community better. If you are thinking of getting on board be sure to sign up to the Salesforce NPO  30-day trial:

Sign up for the Nonprofit Success Pack Trial.
Sign up with Formtitan