Health and Lifestyle Templates - Veterinarian Appointment Form
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Do you have a veterinarian clinic? Do you need an online appointment form to schedule appointments? You can use  this simple form to collect your data. You can also have the data collected sync perfectly with your Salesforce CRM. Each appointment can be updated and you can also pre fill form fields from Salesforce. Changing the form is also easy - it is fully customizable: its content, the way it works and its style. 

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installation for Google Site

Please follow these simple steps

  • Click on the Edit Page button on your page in Google Site
  • Click on Insert Menu
  • Click on More Gadgets link. Now the Setup your gadget form appears
  • Click on Add gadget by URL link.
  • Copy the following URL and paste it in the Enter URL box
  • Click on Add button
  • Provide Gadget Settings
    • Your Email address
    • Size of form
    • Theme
  • See the Preveiw of the gadget
  • Click on OK button