Health and Lifestyle Templates - Clinic Doctor Visit Survey form
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This survey template will assist you in getting feedback and understanding how satisfied are your patients.  You can easily add, remove or modify and of the items.  You can also use our advanced sentiment analysis to analyze open text fields if relevant for you. You can easily change this template according to your needs and fully customize it. You can also integrate them with your Salesforce CRM to keep all your data updated.

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  • Click on the Edit Page button on your page in Google Site
  • Click on Insert Menu
  • Click on More Gadgets link. Now the Setup your gadget form appears
  • Click on Add gadget by URL link.
  • Copy the following URL and paste it in the Enter URL box
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  • Provide Gadget Settings
    • Your Email address
    • Size of form
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  • See the Preveiw of the gadget
  • Click on OK button