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The Best Alternative to Nintex Document Generation

FormTitan VS.Drawloop/Nintex

Amy W, 15/03/2018
FormTitan VS.Drawloop/Nintex

The Best Alternative to Nintex Document Generation  for Salesforce 
Nowadays the need for online document generation and workflow tools has grown. Businesses are looking for easy ways to create sales quotes, order forms, proposals, invoices, contracts, account summaries, service documents, and more. In addition, many manual business processes have moved online because prominent parts of their flow are now based on online solutions. 
Nintex Document Generation is an example for such a solution. It automates document creation in Salesforce using the same data and documents you use today, without having to leave the familiarity of Salesforce. 
FormTitan is also an example. It is a robust platform that allows you to create smart forms, with automated workflows and document generation called PDF mapping.

What does formtitan and Nintex Document Generation have in common:

Both Nintex and FormTitan enable you to create forms, generate online documents as well as configure an online workflow. to automate your business processes.
They are both highly professional tools, each in their own field of expertise.and both require no coding.

Powerful with Salesforce
Nintex Document Generation allows you to streamline processes within Salesforce —all without leaving the familiarity of Salesforce,  It enables you to create or update records across multiple objects in Salesforce. 
But it also requires Salesforce admins to install Nintex DocGen or Nintex Workflow for Salesforce from the AppExchange. 

FormTitan is also Salesforce oriented, providing a powerful bi directional integration with Salesforce that enables you to write data in SF objects as well as Read data from Salesforce objects
Learn about FormTitan Salesforce integration


What are the differences between Nintex Document Generation and formtitan?
The main difference between Nintex and FormTitan is that Nintex specializes in documents generation and workflows while FormTitan puts its emphasis on online forms. Sure, Nintex enables you to build forms but they are very structured and limited in their design and features. 
So, in a nutshell you can clearly see that FormTitan is a great alternative to Nintex, enabling you to build smart forms, automate processes with its worklow and generate documents with PDF mapping. It is also a great alternative for other platforms, like Conga and DocuSign.