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The Best Alternative to Conga

FormTitan VS. Conga

Amy W, 15/03/2018
FormTitan VS. Conga

The Best Alternative to Conga composer for Salesforce 
Nowadays many things have moved online - including documents signing and this is why there are many tools and platforms that are offering these kind of services.
Conga is an example for such a platform. It Increases the return on your Salesforce CRM investment through automation of data, document generation, contract lifecycle management & reporting solutions.

What does formtitan and Conga composer have in common:

Both Conga  and FormTitan enable you to send others documents to be digitally signed. 
They are both highly professional tools, each in their own field of expertise.

Powerful with Salesforce
Conga composer as well as FormTitan has an integration with Salesforce, however Conga 's integration is not as strong and flexible as FormTitan's integration. FormTitan provides a bidirectional seamless integration that can connect to many objects in SF, without a single line of code.
Learn about FormTitan Salesforce integration


What are the differences between Conga and formtitan?

a few differences:
- While Conga requires you to install its composer, FomTitan has it all built-in in your browser. 
- Conga's pricing is Per User and in FormTitan the rate is calculated Per Organization.

The main difference between Conga and FormTitan is that Conga composer specializes in documents generation, contracts, e signatures etc, and FormTitan's main focus is on creating sophisticated online forms These two platforms have a lot in common, however since their focus is different you cannot compare them in all aspects. 
Conga is more suitable for those who need a agreements, contacts and electronic signature capabilities. FormTitan on the other hand is more diverse, allowing users to create landing pages, any type of form, applications, and even portals.