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The Best Alternative to DocuSign

FormTitan VS. DocuSign

Amy W, 15/03/2018
FormTitan VS. DocuSign

The Best Alternative to DocuSign
Nowadays many things have moved online - including signing documents and this is why there are many tools and platforms that are offering this service.
DocuSign, for example, provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents. 

What does formtitan and DocuSign have in common:

Both DocuSign and FormTitan enable you to send others documents to be digitally signed. 
They are both highly professional tools, each in their own field of expertise. Both enable online payments and integrations with CRM solutions like Salesforce and Dynamic CRM.

Powerful with Salesforce
DocuSign  as well as FormTitan have an integration with Salesforce, however DocuSign's integration is more basic and mostly enables you to update Salesforce records. FormTitan's integration with Salesforce, on the other hand, is very powerful and enables a very flexible two way data flow. You can, for example, not only push your generated PDF to Salesforce, but you can also populate it back from Salesforce.
Learn about FormTitan Salesforce integration


What are the differences between DocuSign and formtitan?

The main difference between DocuSign and FormTitan is that while in DocuSign the entire Functionality revolves around the digital signing, at FormTitan the main focus is creating smart online forms, and generating a PDF signed documents is a mere feature. These two platforms have a lot in common, however since their focus so you cannot compare them in all aspects. 
DocuSign is more suitable for those who need a hard core electronic signature capabilities.