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Use Social autofill to improve conversions

Social auto fill makes it easy for the user and improves conversions for you

Amy W, 03/10/2016
Social auto fill makes it easy for the user and improves conversions for you

Don't make your visitores afraid of filling in forms

No one likes filling in forms. Especially if you need to enter the same data again and again in different websites. It is repetitive, tiring & off putting. But what if you could automatically fill in the data by using data you have already entered somewhere else? This is exactly what Social autofill is all about: it lets you connect to a chosen social network and get the data from them.

If you have an online form, your objective is to get as many visitors to fill it in. Keeping in mind that people dislike forms, you will need to go over your form and make the required alterations. Make your form simple to fill in - shorter and to the point. One way of doing this is by using a social autofill option. This option lets your form fillers auto fill a few fields at once. It reduces their efforts to a minimum and speeds up the form filling process.

Casey Cleary in his post “5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid” says that not using a social autofill is a mistake. He says that “Offering social autofill not only reduces time on site - it's a sanity saver, too”.

Optimize with social autofill

Peter Roesler in his post, suggests “7 Ways to Make a Landing Page that Lands the Customer”. He claims that “Filling in the data for the user has a dramatic effect on conversion rates. According to a recent report from FormCentral, form conversion rates increase by as much as 189 percent when social media autofill features are used.”

Shree Krupa K in her post “5 proven tips to grow your website’s lead form submission rate” also talks about using autofill “Let’s face it...” she says “– spending time on filling a form is no fun. Your website visitors are likely to abandon the form when they are bombarded with too many questions”
So in order to avoid this you should make sure there are as few fields as possible as well as use the social auto filler.

Alex Chris, sums it up really well by saying “You should minimize data entry as much as possible by asking only for the information that you really need and not the information that is nice to have”. (From "How to Optimize your Landing Pages for Conversions")

Ted Vrountas says that “86% of people say that creating new user accounts on different websites is inconvenient. When your goal is to make converting as easy as possible, leveraging social autofill is a no-brainer.” (“6 Signup Page Design Practices for Frictionless Forms”)

If you are planning on creating your form with a form builder, see that you choose one that provides the social autofill option.
FormTitan, for example,  provides a social auto filler from three social networks: facebook, google plus and Linkedin. This feature is not active by default, however you can always add it to your form header by turning it on from the form settings panel.