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Are you A/B Testing?

Simplest and most common way to test and compare two designs.

Ron E , 06/06/2016
Simplest and most common way to test and compare two designs.

What is A/B testing ?

A/B testing is simply a way to decide between two alternatives. A traditional A/B test system lets you specify two variations of a form. Then it divides your viewers, around the same time, into two groups of the same size. One group gets to view form ‘A’ and the other form ‘B’. When the test is done you can easily see which of the variations worked better for you.

Ok, so i understand A/B testing is important, now i need to choose an online form builder

There are really few options here and the best 2 options we know of are FormTitan and FormStack. Take a look at a detailed comparison : FormTitan vs FormStack.

FormStack A/B testing Vs. FormTitan. What about C and D...?

BA/B testing is the simplest and most common way to test and compare two designs. For example if you are not sure about your background color or image, or what to put on your submit button, A/B test lets you run two versions one along the other and see which one performs best (read more about a/b testing basics). So far so good, and a simple solution like FormStack’s A/B test feature would cut it for you. So why would you need more?Learn more why FormTitan is a great alternative to formstack

What is a Multi Variants A/B Testing and why you may need it?

When you are not sure about more than one variant, e.g. you want to test both your background image and your key message, A/B testing becomes a bit morecomplex. Let's take a quick example: Say you have two background images: a and b. And also two headers you want to test: c and d. You now have 2 variantswith 4 options: (a,c), (b,c), (a,d),(b,d). Using the simple A/B test scheme you will need to run your test 4 times, compare all the results and check for the best. This was a simple two variant test.

What’s the advantage of an A/B/C/D... test?

In this type of test, you simply specify all the variations you want to test. And within one test you’ll get the answers you need. So instead of running several separate A/B tests, you run one test with all the versions you want to compare. Keep in mind that whenever you are dealing with multivariate testing you will need more traffic to get accurate answers.

Bottom line, A/B Test is a must, it will save you money and will give you more leads

A/B test is great. When you can’t decide between two design options that’s all you need. If you want to get a bit deeper and have more variants you want to test, you’ll quickly find that the simple A/B test approach is a bit limiting, and it would be much easier for you to work without limiting yourself to only two options. The most important thing is to understand that by using A/B testing you can optimize your form to a specific audience, so you will spend less budget on onlinecampaigns, and your conversion rate will increase.

How is it done by FormTitan, is it really good ?

FormTitan manages to give you the best of both worlds. Get the simplicity of an A/B test, but without its limitations. You can create as many variations as you want for your form: change headers, colors, background image, submit button, etc. Just click to add any version you want into the test and you are done. FormTitan will automatically split the traffic between all the versions you specified and let you know which one is your winner.