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FormTitan and The Dynamic Customer Journey

Create the best customer journey experience in your online forms

Amy W, 10/09/2017
Create the best customer journey experience in your online forms

dynamic customer journey
The term “customer journey” refers to the stages a customer travels through in his relationship with a specific brand. Since today brands are promoted everywhere, and talked about everywhere each customer has a different journey he goes through in his relationship with this brand. One may see an ad about it in the paper and also hear about it from a friend’s tweet. Another may See a campaign on Facebook and look around in the brand’s website. Each user has a completely different route to the same brand.

“Dynamic” means the routes users are taking in relation to your brand are not “one size fits all” but rather customized to suit each individual. Dynamic also means that the processes cannot be fixed and rigid, they need to happen in real time based on user previous actions and preferences. For example, if a user states his age he will be shown an ad that is relevant to his age group.

Salesforce marketing cloud
sums it up really well saying that “Customer journeys occur through a series of interactions — at every touchpoint — with your brand. A well-planned digital marketing strategy can help guide the way. The marketer’s goal for any customer journey should be to create a string of seamless, personalized experiences over many channels: email, mobile, social, advertising, and the web.”

So it seems that in order to create the best experiences for your customers you must make sure to personalize and optimize the various ways you connect with them.

Optimize experiences in your online forms
Optimize experiences in your online forms

When you create online forms and landing pages you should think about the customer first. What makes him “tick”, what may irritate him and how you can ease his journey. And always keep in mind: nobody likes to fill in forms.

A good starting point would be to anticipate problematic issues & confront them in the best way you can. Following are examples of such problems that usually arise when forms are used, as well as suggested solutions:

Problem: Nobody likes to fill in forms.
Make your form as appealing as possible to attract the customer’s attention.
In addition, You may want to add some kind of incentive - customers always think about “what’s in it for me” so try to make it worthwhile for them.

And most importantly :
- Create a smart form, that is flexible, and allows you to ask different things from different customers.
- Create a powerful form, that is dynamic, and can “Read” data from other places and have it populated in your form. Pre populated fields will decrease customer effort and increase the chances that your form will be submitted.

Problem: Nobody likes to fill in long forms
It scares people off and that’s a fact. This is why you should keep your forms as short as possible. Get rid of fields that you don’t absolutely require.
Also, narrow down the time it takes to fill in your form - don’t stall the customer with many open end questions and mandatory fields. Keep the form as flowing as possible. The easier and quicker it is to fill in the form, the better experience your customer will have.

Problem: Nobody likes to go through forms looking for fields that are relevant to him
Don’t bombard your customers with questions and make them look for what they need to fill in. Use conditional logic to show fields, sections and pages only when they are relevant to the customer.

smart optimized forms using an online tool
Can smart optimized forms be created using an online tool?

Since web forms are in high demand, many online tools have been developed to help the simple user create them. and although they can all create forms, these tools differ in their capabilities, which means that only a few can create smart forms.
And this is only the tip of the iceberg: If you conduct a thorough search for the right tool you will find that:

- only a few tools give you the ability to apply unlimited design in your form.
- only a few address the optimization process, let alone assist you in it. (most online form builders don’t even mention optimization)
- only a few have Bi-Directional integration with Salesforce (I currently know of only one)
- only a few enable full customization (in terms of online messages, error messages, emails etc).

What this means is that each tool posses only a few of the required capabilities, and leaves pieces missing in your puzzle. There is only one platform so far that possesses all the capabilities we mentioned above and it’s called FormTitan.

FormTitan - the ultimate solution

This platform is a robust form builder, that enables the creation of stunning, smart and powerful forms. Following is a partial list of its capabilities, which make it perfect for creating the best dynamic customer journey:

Stunning - This tool has no boundaries in terms of design and layout. With more than 40 elements you can use in any size, color or shape - you have more than you need to create a stunning form. You can drag your elements anywhere on canvas and change their style (fonts, sizes, colors, padding etc). You can easily create responsive forms and even have a completely different look for each device type.

- in this department you will find that FormTitan is unique. It offers many features to make your form smarter - following are only a few:
- Element conditional logic to show and hide fields, sections and pages as well as enable or disable input fields.
- Form conditional logic to control what happens when the form is submitted: whether a custom Thank you will be shown, the page will be redirected to a different URL, an email will be sent, or the data will be pushed to a 3rd party application.
- inline error and validations that appear by default to guide the user through.
- payment integration for collecting money.
- Automatic translation of your form, when the user’s language is different.
- Custom translation you can add to your form.
- Document merging to have your online data embedded in a paper form.
- field validations that determines the values you allow in a certain field
- Form limits you can use to set when the form is active.
- Save and resume feature to allow users to start filling in the form and continue at a later date.

 - again, this is an area FormTitan excels in.
- The forms can be easily integrated with over 750 3rd party applications.
- You will not find a better Salesforce integration anywhere: This BI-directional integration with Salesforce allows you to “write” in salesforce objects as well as “read” from them. You can read or write from a few objects simultaneously.
- Targeting
- Optimization tools like A/B Testing, Heatmap, CRO engine, to help you create an optimized form.
- workflow may be added to the form to have it aligned with your work processes.
- Dropdown element can be made hierarchical, allowing levels of data in it.
- Creating a new form based on a Salesforce object. A quick and simple way to create your salesforce form.
- Repeatable sections that allow the user to add as many items as they require