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Use QR codes to engage with your customers in real time

Ron E, 20/06/2016
Use QR codes to engage with your customers in real time

Do you run a brick and mortar business? If so, go on reading, this one is for you. Till only a few years ago, if you wanted to digitally interact with your customers you had to invest in touchscreens, keyboards or kiosk PCs. Nowadays, probably 100% of your customers carry their own mobile device, all that is left for you is to engage them and make it easy for them to interact with you. Do you want to run a survey and get customer feedback? Are you looking to hire new employees and want to post a job request and let candidates fill a form on the spot? Or maybe you want to run a poll among your visitors. You’ll be amazed to see how easy it is to do any of these with your FormTitan form builder.

So how does it work?
All you need is to create the form you want. E.g. A customer feedback form. Use one of our templates or create your own. Next, click to publish and select the “generate QR code” option. You’ll get a QR code image which you should copy, print and present in a central spot within your location. You can add some text or graphics to explain what it is. Once your visitors scan this code on their mobile device they’ll be automatically redirected to your online form.

Which types of forms is this good for?
Essentially this feature is great for any brick and mortar business that needs a way to share online forms with its visitors and customers.
Here are some examples:
- Clinic Survey form
- Teacher Evaluation form
- Customer Feedback form
- Job Application form
- CV Submission form

What about payments and online ordering?
As you may have realized, interacting with your customers in real time can also be handy when it comes to ordering, reservations and even payments. No need for an expensive dedicated mobile app or a mobile ready website, FormTitan does it all for you. All you need is to build your form, use one of our templates or design your own, create a QR Code and post within your business. If needed, equip your manager with a tablet so they can see in real time all submissions. Here are some examples for relevant templates:
- Quick Order form
- Pizza Order form
- Payment form


Check out our technical instructions on how to publish as QR Code