Create Online Newsletter Subscription

Formtitan form builder creates online newsletter subscription.

Formtitan form builder creates online newsletter subscription.
FormTitan Features
  • Stunning free templates
  • Simple form creation process
  • No coding is required!
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  • Auto respond email on submit
  • Data is stored online
  • Responsive design
  • Full customization is provided
  • Integrations with 3rd party platforms
  • Condition logic may be applied
What is a newsletter subscription form?

The newsletter is a common marketing tool. Many Companies and businesses use newsletters as a way to communicate with their clients, to build a relationship, to generate loyalty, to encourage new purchases, to update on new issues and to basically keep their clients informed.
The newsletter is sent to people who appear on a recipient mailing list. When you send your newsletter out you must make sure that it is sent to people who agreed to be recipients. This ensures that you will not be sending material to an un interested audience.

But how do you make sure they are interested? That’s easy - you simply use an online form to
Subscribe to your newsletter. Those who want to subscribe will enter their email address and...ta ad! You start creating your email marketing list.

Tips for creating a good newsletter subscription form:
1- Tell Subscribers What You Will Email Them About
2- Let the subscribers know how often you will send a newsletter.3- Offer Incentives like discounts or gifts.or offer a special “Subscribers Only” incentive.
4- keep it short - give only the most important information and ask for the data you need most.
5- Give it your personal touch. Make sure the copy is not boaring.
6- Make the newsletter design suit the branding (logo, colors, fort, etc).
7- place your subscription forms after your blog posts, in your website and social media channels so people can see them.
8- if you already have subscribers, show how many to give others proof of its worth.
9- Create a few versions of subscription form and use a/b testing to find out which one works best.



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