Easily Creating Online Email Forms

Use Formtitan to create online email forms.

Use Formtitan to create online email forms.
FormTitan Features
  • Stunning free templates
  • Simple form creation process
  • No coding is required!
  • No installation or download needed
  • Auto respond email on submit
  • Data is stored online
  • Responsive design
  • Full customization is provided
  • Integrations with 3rd party platforms
  • Condition logic may be applied
What do I need an email form for?

The email form is an online form that when submitted, sends an email notification to the form owner. This notification maybe just an alert, but usually it contains a copy of the entered data. It is also referred to sometimes as “form to email”.

When you use your forms online, it is important to be constantly updated. If you do not get informed of new submissions on time you can lose potential leads.

The email form is a term for how the form acts on submit, it is not limited to a specific type of form such as contact, support or sign up form. It is simply a feature you can add to any type of form, making it an email form.
There are email forms that only send the data via email, (these forms are more basic) while there are better email forms, that also save the data in a table for later use (which is more recommended).

When using a form builder to create your email forms it enables you to customize the forms so the emails are sent to other recipients in addition to the form owner. It also lets you customize the layout and content of the email itself.


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