Make Online Invitations RSVP

Online invitations are really simple with Formtitan form generator

Online invitations are really simple with Formtitan form generator
FormTitan Features
  • Stunning free templates
  • Simple form creation process
  • No coding is required!
  • No installation or download needed
  • Auto respond email on submit
  • Data is stored online
  • Responsive design
  • Full customization is provided
  • Integrations with 3rd party platforms
  • Condition logic may be applied
Who needs online invitations?

Truth is we all do at one point or another. Whether to invite family and friends to a personal event like a wedding or birthday, or to invite potential customers or colleagues to a company event like a product launch, or conference - the invitation is always very important step in the preparations.

Most events take time and efforts to plan. You need to find the best location, take care of catering, decorating, music, flowers, etc. but what is it all worth if no one turns up? This is why we use online invitations. The invitation is way to inform people of your upcoming event, provide them with some information about it and make them excited.

Since most events are planned for a certain number of people, it is important that you know how many will actually attend, and this is the most important part of the invitation form - the RSVP. Getting the invitee to respond to your invitation with a consent or decline.

An invitation form may be created for any type of event: personal or business. a wedding, an engagement party, christening, bar mitzva, christmas party, high school reunion, art exhibitions, birthdays, new years eve party, conference and grand opening are only a few examples of forms you can easily set up.


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