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FormTitan new added tool to create a form in 4 easy steps

Amy W, 27/11/2016
FormTitan new added tool to create a form in 4 easy steps

We have just added a new tool to our form builder, which we think will be of great use to our users: a 4 step wizard to create a new form.
While creating a new form from scratch (also known as “blank” in our form builder) is simple enough, using a wizard simplifies things even more. It allows the user to build an online form more swiftly: without drag & drop and without dealing too much with element properties.
It is a great way to create a simple form or the foundation for a more complex form.
“We always aim to make things work better: smoother, faster, easier” says Benny T., founder of FormTitan, “our aim is to make the form builder actually work for you. We want it to get you better results, save you money, and now with the new wizard - it will also save you time and effort by using only the most basic essentials to build your form.
Of course, If you want to change or add things to your form after that you can easily do so in the form builder, by using the advanced properties”.

Each time a user enters the form builder he will be presented with 4 option for creating a form:
The Wizard is the first option. (the other 3 options are: template, blank or from url).
Once you press on “start” the wizard will open.

4 Form creation options

Following are the 4 easy steps:
1- give your form a name.
First step: Give your form a name

2- add fields to your form.
Second step: Add the fields to your form

3- Add a thank you message or redirect to Url
Third step: Add a thank you message or redirect to URL

4- choose a themeFourth Step: choose a theme

Ta-da! And the form is ready:

and your form is ready to use