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Enabling online forms with Google Sheets integration

Manage your data more efficiently using our Google Sheets integration

Ron E, 20/06/2016
Manage your data more efficiently using our Google Sheets integration

With this integration you can easily send data directly from your form submissions into a spreadsheet of your choice within your google account. Collect data from your form and use it in real time as you use your other google Sheets. Like with any other google document or sheet you can also share it and collaborate in real time. You can set it this integration using a dedicated google account which is solely dedicated to data associated with your form. You will still get an email from us for each new submission (unless you opt not) , but the data will also be automatically inserted into your google sheets.

What are some examples for forms which are relevant for this integration?

- Customer support contact forms
- Vendor contact forms
- Lead generation forms

How do I set it up?
It can’t get much easier, no coding is required. Simply go into form settings within your form builder screen. Click to edit Push Notifications and select “Google Sheets”. Next you’ll be asked to associate the form with the google account that controls your sheet. You’ll be asked to set the sheet name and its folder within your google drive. You may use an existing sheet or create a new one. At the final step you’ll be asked to match the fields of your form with those relevant for your contacts (email, name, address, telephone, etc). That’s it you are done. From now on, each new submission will be automatically added to your google contacts

This feature is part of all of our paid plans. Starting at $9/month

Check out our technical instructions on how to push to Google sheets