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Enabling online forms with SalesForce integration

Capture your data more efficiently using our SalesForce integration

Ron E, 20/06/2016
Capture your data more efficiently using our SalesForce integration

Are you using SalesForce for managing your leads, cases, tickets or other customer related data? With our SalesForce integration you can match the power of your CRM system with a powerful online form builder. Easily build the front end you need to match your salesforce data entry needs:

Generate new SalesForce leads and opportunities directly from your FormTitan form.
Open new tickets with all the information you need. Use our advanced logic and dynamic forms to make sure you capture just what you need for each case
Create any type of form and map it to your SalesForce
Save file uploads along other customer data and access it via SalesForce

What are some examples for forms which are relevant for this integration?
- Customer support contact forms
- Vendor contact forms
- Lead generation forms
- Real estate forms
- Employee Record forms

How do I set it up?

No coding is required to set this integration. Simply go into form settings within your form builder screen. Click to edit Push Notifications and select SalesForce.. Next you’ll be asked to authenticate with salesforce. Once you do that, you will be asked to map the fields you capture in your form with your salesforce fields. That’s it you are done. From now on, each new submission will be automatically added to your SalesForce document.

Make sure that you are using the developer, enterprise or unlimited plans of salesforce which are required to enable this integration.

This feature is part of all of our paid plans. Starting at $9/month.

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