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Get the best data and leads with an online survey form

Get the best data and leads with an online survey form
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What is a survey form?

When we talk about survey we usually refer to the method of collecting data from individuals in a certain structure. The survey contains a series of questions in a specific area in order to learn more about it.

Usually when you conduct a survey you are interested in what people think or do regarding something. The survey is used in marketing, to get relevant feedback on a product in order to make it better suited to its an effective survey should provide you with  reliable, information that can help you make these decisions. An even better survey is one that is easy to fill in and gets you higher response rates.

So how do you create a great online survey?
Following are some tips for this:

1- Use closed ended questions whenever possible
2- when you ask a question provide all possible choices for answer, so the user can answer precisely as possible.
3- make the questions very clear cut. Beware not to be ambiguous or ask complex questions.
4- make the survey as short as you can.
5- use form logic to create different flows based on user answers. This way you don't ask a user questions that are not relevant to him.
6- pre-test your survey and even a/b test a few versions to decide which one is best.
7- Offer an incentive
8- Make the survey design appealing, clean and inviting.



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