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FormTitan for Patient Registration

FormTitan for New Patient information capture is a ready-to-use template which can be used for multiple medical clinic purposes. If the form is good for you as-is, simply select and publish. Within less than a minute it's yours, up and running!

What can I do with the New Patient Registration template?
Every well organized clinic keeps record of its patient personal information. On their first visit, patients are usually asked to fill in a form with their personal information, emergency contact, etc.

With FormTitan, you can easily create a QR code and post it on your reception counter. Instead of handing and collecting paper forms from potential patients, using their smartphones, have them fill and submit the form on the spot!

Do I need to make any changes to the template?
You can use the template as is, or add and remove elements as you find necessary.
E.g. add more fields which are specific to your type of clinic. Feel free to use the form with other themes out of our list, or make your own layout changes, add your colors, logo, etc.

How do i add advanced features to the template?
You can add more functionality to any element within the form.
For example, you can use logic to add or hide fields based on answers indicated by the patient.

How do i get the submitted data?
By default you will be getting all submissions directly to your mailbox. You can easily customize these emails from within our form builder. Are you using any other system to organize your records? You can easily export the data to a large selection of 3rd party services supported by FormTitan

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