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Olim Beyahad

Using a unique bi-directional integration to Salesforce opened up new possibilities

Olim Beyahad

About Olim-Beyahad:

The nonprofit organization “Olim-Beyahad” was established in 2007 with the aim of creating a change in the perceptions and attitudes of Companies, employers and senior executives in Israel in particular, and in Israeli society in general in regards to the Ethiopian community.  Steps were taken towards increasing the employment rate of Ethiopian students and academics as well as promoting their integration in the Israeli working community. The organization believes that this selected group acts as a role model and is therefore expected to lead the Ethiopian community and become an inseparable part of Israel's economic and social leadership.

In order to fulfill this vision, the Organization created a unique work model that combines graduates of their programs and outstanding members of the community from a variety of organizations, companies and institutions in the Israeli economy. We equip our graduates with practical tools and life skills that help them find suitable employment, and at the same time operate an extensive network of hundreds of volunteers, employers and mentors, who mentor our graduates and help them build professional careers in leading companies.

The Organization vision is to create a self-sustaining platform in which Ethiopian academics will lead the way for the successful future integration of their community into the business and social sectors in Israel. The ultimate goal is to reach a day when it will no longer be necessary to assist this sector and the assimilation into Israeli society will be completed.

Using Salesforce as our CRM platform:
Like many organizations in Israeli and globally “Olim-Beyahad” chose Salesforce as their platform to manage all their activities for the community and their thousands of associates. All the information regarding the different courses, events, mentoring and any other activity the organization or one of its associates are taking part of is safely stored and managed in Salesforce. The organization is offering a verity of online services via digital form integrated with their Salesforce.

The Challenge:
The organization had used FormAssembly for building forms integrated with salesforce, but faced few major challenges:
· The integration was limited to pushing information to Salesforce which resulted in duplicated records when singing into an event or course.
· The form was missing validation and pre-population of associate data from Salesforce requiring manual insert by the user
· Additional work was required to update a relevant object in Salesforce.
· The form software cost was too high for a nonprofit organization
The organization reached out to Pro-File, a Salesforce integrator working with the nonprofit community in Israel, to help them improve their service channels for their associates and community and to reduce the cost and effort involved in this activity.

The Solution:
After learning the requirements in detail, Pro-File experts offered to use the FORMTITAN platform to rebuild the Digital forms and improve the outcome. FORMTITAN's unique bi-directional integration to Salesforce opened up new possibilities for Olim-Beyahad, enabling them to build a complete end-to-end business process with no manual intervention from the user or the Organization side.

Using FORMTITAN the new forms introduced:
· Registering associates
· Dynamic prefill of the data from Salesforce in the digital form
· Update to multiple Salesforce objects including custom ones
· Easy to use Drag & Drop interface making the build process very fast

Pro-File expert worked closely with FORMTITAN support team to make sure all requirements would be met in high quality and according to agreed timetable.
The project went live after 2 months resulting in excellent achievements for the organization:
· Dramatic improvement in services to associates and community
· An Increase in functionality and productivity for the organization staff
· Reduce in expenses due to lower licenses cost
The system is now used on a daily basis by thousands of people and has recently introduced some new forms to celebrate the organization 10th anniversary and alumni event.

Project for: Olim-Beyahad
Integrator:  Pro-File