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Multiple project management in single view using FormTitan


The JDC (Joint Distribution Committee) is the largest Jewish humanitarian organization in the world, ESHEL is one of the organization of JDC Israel.
ESHEL Organization is leading the Planning and Development of Services for the Elderly’s and their families.
In Israel there are Approximately 830,000 people aged 65 and over, this huge community enjoy the benefits directly and indirectly from a rich variety of services and programs offered by the Organization across the country. ESHEL JDC is a role model as one of the largest and most successful partnerships between JDC-Israel and the government.

The ESHEL programs touch on all aspects of the Elderly life is Israel: supportive communities that provide a set of services enabling the elderly to continue living in their home environment, hundreds of physical exercise programs to promote their health. ESHEL made an impact to the public agenda about the importance of preventing abuse and neglect of the elderly, opened volunteering programs for Holocaust survivors, promoted training for caregivers and family members who care for the elderly and constantly working to consolidate and develop the knowledge about all aspects of aging.

ESHEL is handling multiple project and programs all across the country working with The Government of Israel various ministries: the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Equality, the Ministry of Finance and the National Insurance Institute. They work also with all the local authorities the Israeli Lottery and many service providers and local vendors.

What did FormTitan provide?
In order to manage all these projects, programs and huge budget ESHEL is using salesforce CRM like many other organization in Israel. One of the big challenges the organization faced was to follow-up on the project progress, budget usage and compare to plan for the yeaר to come. The way the process work was to open a salesforce screen for each on of the projects and each one of the years and to jump between screens and try to compare. This way of work was very time consuming and frustrating for the project management team.

The organization team approached Jehonatan Leurer, leading salesforce Expert to develop a new tool, which will enable the management and tracking of these projects. Jehonatan decided to use FormTitan platform, which enable bi-directional integration to salesforce with very flexible visual design. The outcome was a very powerful Dynamic form, combining data from multiple salesforce objects (including Custom objects) and budget calculations in single screen view (see the screenshot below).
Using the new tool project management is faster and simpler, budget tracking is accurate and easy to follow, all leading to improved project execution and budget usage.

Project for:  ESHEL JDC Israel
Integrator:  Jehonatan Leurer