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The Lone Soldier Center

The Lone Soldier Center is using FormTitan to collect donations and more.

The Lone Soldier Center

The Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin was founded by former lone soldiers to support lone soldiers serving today. Michael was an American-born lone soldier who fell fighting in Lebanon in 2006. The Lone Soldier Center was created by a group of his friends, former lone soldiers following through on a dream of Michael's - to assist, feed, connect and care for lone soldiers in the IDF, before, during and after their army service. Today we are making Michael’s dream a reality; the Center provides lone soldiers with meals, support, advice, and the family and community they are missing. 

What did FormTitan provide?
Until we discovered FormTitan, we struggled with processing New Israeli shekel donations on our website. With no out-of-the box solutions available, we relied on custom built integrations which weren't able to provide a user-friendly experience to our donors. Discovering FormTitan was a dream come true! At first FormTitan did not work with our shekel processor Tranzila, but the FormTitan team accommodated our needs quickly and accurately. Low and behold, a FormTitan-Tranzila integration was made!

What does the customer say about our product & service?
We have implemented our new forms in our system and love the new, quick, and easy process. The new tools created are exactly what we need and asked for, with complex capabilities and advanced features. Every need we had has been solved, and FormTitan tackled every request we had. We are thankful for this platform that is one-of-a-kind in the Israeli market, and are looking forward for continued collaboration with Benny, Ori and the FormTitan team!

About FormTitan and NPO's
FormTitan works a lot with non profit organizations and supports their most important activities such as: Donation forms, keeping track of volunteer activities or recruitment and so on.
Most NPO's use formTitan's payment integration to collect donations online as well as our powerful Bi directional integration with Salesforce - to have all their leads sync in their relevant account.