The international Fellowship of Christians and Jew’s created a fully automated service integrated with salesforce


The international Fellowship of Christians and Jew’s is a philanthropic organization that supports the national and social strength of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. The Organization funds rising is based on the generosity of Christians who love Israel around the world, Jews around the world and Israelis living in Israel. The foundation was established in 1983 in the United States by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

The Fellowship works to initiate and operate social impact initiatives to motivate and empower national-social strength. During its years of operation, the Foundation has established strategic cooperation with government, local authorities, social organizations, public organizations, Jewish organizations and more.

The Organization is involved in multiple projects globally, they support thousands of associates, they are working with hundreds of service providers and local authorities and support a community of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. The Fellowship has one of the biggest nonprofit salesforce implementations in Israel, which is used for managing programs, projects, services, partners and much more.

What did FormTitan provide?
The organization is constantly seeking new ways to lavage their salesforce power and offer new and improve digital services to their partners and community. One of these challenges was to introduce self service & support forms for Israel local authorities welfare Departments, which work closely with the Fellowship found to offer aid and support to families in need.  The process to issue the aid request and to have it approved was via emails and phones call, the duration was long, which impact the process execution.

Jehonatan Leurer, a lead salesforce expert, is supporting the Organization in their most complicated projects and was requested to develop the new service. It took Jehonatan 2 days using FormTitan builder to create new fully automated service integrated to salesforce CASE to handle all the requests coming from the welfare departments.

The end result was a dramatic decrease in the process duration and excellent feedback from the Welfare employees who got online services available for them from anywhere using their mobile & Tablets. All the cases are logged in salesforce and can be easily tracked and managed.

In the global arena the Fellowship was facing another challenge around the travel expenses of Jewish people who want to make “Aliya” (immigration to Israel). The Fellowship offered the option to pay for the travel expense to the airport but the process required manual paper work by the requestor, manual work by the Organization staff to log the data into salesforce, 3 signatures and additional paperwork for the invoice refund.

With FORMTITAN smart forms and salesforce integration new service was created, using the digital signature capabilities and the innovative google map  to salesforce feature for calculating the refund based on the applicant address from salesforce. The new process is fully automated making it very easy to use by the new  immigrants with direct payment request sent automatically to the financial department.

What does the customer say about our product & service?
We have been using Form Titan for a few months as our form builder. The program is extremely functional and easy to use. It allows all the usual functions and more. We have built forms with multiple objects both standard and custom.
There is an added feature of allowing data from salesforce into tables as well as fields.
The support team is on hand, helpful and willing to integrate new ideas to the program. We would highly recommend FormTitan for anyone looking for a form builder with full integration with salesforce.

The Fellowship and its community are very happy with the new services using FORMTITAN platform and from the work and support by both Jehonatan and FORMTITAN support team. The Organization was surprised by the power, ease of use and short duration it takes to build new online services using the FORMTITAN platform and are now in development of new tools and services for their associates and community.


Project for: IFCJ
Integrator:  Jehonatan Leurer