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How Ecocittà multiplied its leads within 30 days after it started using FormTitan for creating its landing page.

Amy W, 06/06/2016


Ecocittà Real Estate Fund is an italy based real estate developer. Ecocittà is currently developing and promoting a new project: Ecocittà Porto Potenza Picena. Located in the heart of Le Marche region in Italy, only 150 meters from the sea, Ecocittà is offering vacation apartments for sale. Ecocittà is mainly focused on online marketing, using landing pages to attract relevant audiences to its website and generating quality leads for its sales team to follow up. sales people wanted solid leads, Ecocittà required many fields on their lead generation page. Ecocittà marketing was also not sure about the right message they were using in their campaigns.

What did FormTitan do? and how was the optimization feature used?
FormTitan was deployed to help Ecocittà optimize its landing page and improve its conversions. When the form was created, FormTitan’s CRO engine immediately produced a list of tips that touched some critical CRO issues:

  • Ecocittà asked for a phone number as a mandatory field: Research has shown this to be a huge turnoff for most visitors.
  • The number of fields used in the form was too large.
  • Ecocittà used “Submit” as the text for sending the form.

FormTitan automatically suggested fixes for these issues: Make phone number an optional field; reduce the number of fields and replace the “submit” text with a call to action text, which is known to work better. The next step was to deal with multilingual support: By using FormTitan’s auto translate feature, Ecocittà was able to use one form for all its campaigns, making it much easier to run and manage.
The above mentioned changes were sufficient to generate X2 more qualified leads from online campaigns, but Ecocittà did not stop there: The team decided to use a/b testing in order to optimize its landing page message. They also used for a short time the built-in chat feature just to get more insight into the type of audience they were getting. The result was another X2 improvement of number of qualified leads. Totaling in a X4 improvement, all within 30 days starting the use of FormTitan.

What does the customer say about our optimization features?
“FormTitan helped us a lot”, said Yoav Lavie, marketing director at Ecocittà. “We were making some basic CRO mistakes without being aware of it. We did not realize that simple changes such as making a phone number an optional field instead of mandatory can have such impact. We were also very happy with the results we got from our a/b testing. Being able to get a 400% increase in the number of our qualified leads in such a short period is nothing but great, and all this without having to pay consultants or use expensive professional tools.

CRO is not just hype. Simple changes can have a great impact on conversions. You don’t need to be an expert or hire one, in order to avoid making mistakes which impact your conversion rates. The same applies to other optimization features: a/b testing is not rocket science, with the right tool, you can easily compare designs or messages and pick the ones that work best for you.