Advanced tools for business

Streamline your business processes with advanced features

What are the Advanced Tools?

If you look closely in our Pricing page, you will see that we specify the features available in each license. One of these features is called “Advanced tools” and
it is not a single feature but rather a set of tools, which are provided for streamlining your business processes.

Following are the features included in the Advanced Tools:
  • Smart Validation

    This tool enables you to add a double verification to your form based on data from Salesforce. It is very similar to 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).
    It works in 2 steps: A. The form filler is required to identify themselves, by filling in the certain data. B. If the filler is confirmed, an email will be sent to him,
    containing a secret code and he will need to enter this code. Once the 2 steps are done - the form will be revealed. Read all about the Smart V

  • Version Control

    This feature focuses on data management in the “Submissions” page. It allows you to store all the updates done to your entries so you don't lose important information when changes are made in the submission. By simply pressing on a link in your entry row you will be able to see all the changes that were made, when, by whom, and to what field. Read more about the Version Control

  • PDF Re-Generation

    When using the PDF mapping feature, the filler enters data and submits the form and a PDF document is then automatically generated. A copy of this PDF is also stored in your “Submissions” page. However, There are times when a PDF is not generated for certain entries, or maybe the entry has been updated and you would like to create a new PDF manually - this is what this feature is for. Read more about Re-generating PDF

  • Duplicate

    This option enables the form owner, as well as collaborators with the right permission, to clone entries in the submissions data center.
    Read more about duplicating an entry

  • Custom Mail Server

    When you’re a FormTitan user all your form emails are sent, by default, via the FormTitan server. Some users may not care about this, however others may find this problematic, because they want every aspect of their forms to be branded. FormTitan enables you to maintain a consistent brand identity by providing unlimited design capabilities to create forms that match your brand, and by enabling you to embed your form in your website, showcasing it as an integral part of it.
    As for the form emails - by using the custom mail server option all emails will now be sent from your own server, with no mention of FormTitan at all.
    Read more about the custom mail server

  • Push Signature to Salesforce

    This option enables the signatures captured in your form to be pushed directly to Salesforce as an attachment, without having to use the PDF Mapping option (which was the only option to do it up till now).
    Read more about pushing the signature to Salesforce