FormTitan Form Builder Testimonials

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Great Product and Great Service. The product is easy to use and fast and efficient customer service. I found that this has so many use cases across a number of area's and within Salesforce itself you can use this in way's beyond some of the limitations and costs of using the platform.
Parik Dhody
TRULY the best out there - HANDS DOWN! The team at FormTitan have created the most robust and feature-rich form Application I've ever seen! The program itself is GENIUS with several integrations, and most importantly of course, Salesforce Integration! It was a breeze to understand and execute, and like I said, the features are unreal. Just the repeating section feature alone was enough to make me switch! MOST of all though, everything you read about the AMAZING Customer Service provided by FormTitan is absolutely 100% true! Most of us are constantly battling the clock to meet deadlines and find the quickest way to make the most impact. Benny literally doesn't skip a beat, he is extremely easy to work with, and he is wonderfully knowledgeable. Not only can you count on major responsiveness from them, you can also count on their patience and willingness to make what seems impossible come to life!
Shalan Wilkins
Wonderful App with Fantastic Support! This application is very good and the support is second to none. Very friendly staff and very willing to help. The application itself does more than its competitors and is extremely easy to use.
Brian Deady

We have been searching all over for a good enterprise app solution for Salesforce. We finally found it with FormTitan! This product has more features and is easier to use than any other enterprise app we tested (we tested over 15 different apps and form products). We were able to create intelligent workflows with conditional logic, while pushing and pulling data from Saleforce, to allow us to automate several manual processes. We did this all with ZERO programming skills! When you combine Salesforce with FormTitan, the enterprise customization opportunities are limitless! Great product!
Edmond DeFrank
High cost effectiveness. We have experianse with many form builders. The big advantage of this form builder is its ability to interact with SF online. Their support is excellent.
Danny Denan
Easy to use, fantastic support, enterprise for the price of one integrated user on other apps I have tried almost every form builder available for SF. Not only can this form builder actually check for existing records before making a new one, but when I couldn't figure out how I misconfigured this setting, they got on the phone with me and walk through all of it until I was comfortable with the data being submitted. The more expensive form services either blew me off since I was a trial or we not helpful. I am looking forward to replacing all of our non-integrated forms with this new tool to save us time automating and to seriously cut down on the number of duplicate records we deal with daily. For the same price as the more expensive app on the exchange, I get multiple users instead of only one. I am grateful to find FormTitan as we were about to spend a lot more on a tool that I was not happy with it's capabilities or support team.
Corrina Cohen

Great Formbuilder. So we used a different system untill we were advised to take a look at FormTitan and we were instantly sold. Amazing support, amazing builder, amazing everything!
Ruslan Dadashev
great product. I just love it. very easy to use with excellent salesforce integration and other features i haven't seen in other products, like tables lookups etc.
Yuval Spin
Never using another form again! We've been using Jotform & Zapier for years but nothing has came close to the integration we can achieve with FormTitan and Salesforce. There is a slight learning curve, but the customer service is A+ as well. Life has been so much easier since we started using FormTitan.
Marah Studniski

Finally a form which is more than a form. We put TITAN into work as a replacement for another product. At first it was because of price and the option to work with half the price with pre-fill. But we've found that the form can work with Salesforce as an application - getting and pushing data in the same form a few times, as if it's an application with logic in it. We've found that all the work is in the same working space without the need to open chrome tab for each need. Because of these functionalities, we could bring robust features and improvement to the end user, allowing him to drill down in the data, until he reaches to the point where he want to update. During our project, the product introduce more and more features, while the development listening to our needs and execute them in a matter of hours. (I'm still waiting in the old product we had for the support of European Date/Time since last year...) . I can recommend this form warmly - price, features, ease of work and it seems they have more interesting ideas for the near future.
oded breda
Great in functionality features and support. Formtitan is the excellent web forms application. It has the unique set of features and stands out in flexibility and extendability possibilities. Support team always ready for an extra mile - this is precisely what you would expect when getting a new app. Looking forward to new features.
Sergey Erlikh
Great app! a lot more than just a form! Form Titan is a powerful tool that helps our organization to manage data with salesforce in a simple and very effective way! table option is amazing! "Behind" the product there is an amazing team, willing to help/support and ready to listen to new ideas and improve the product.
Yaniv Ben Yosef

A winning combination of great professional service and crazy features including digital signature, PDF files and especially the option for Get and Push Data with Salesforce. As a Salesforce Implementer, that kind of tools help me to give my clients best Value! Keep going with the great work BR Asaf Yoshpe SFX Solutions
Asaf Yoshpe
Great tool, great support. This form does things which others really can't. Support has been amazing . Put this on top of your list when reviewing solutions.
Michaël Reijenga
Amazing Product and Support Form Titan has been a game changer for our non-profit. It is intuitive and highly customizable for whatever you need. The best part is the amazing support. Benny is SUPER responsive to emails and questions and has helped me get my forms set up and customized before my deadline. I highly recommend this product!
Mandy Brown

True to their Word. Perhaps the most important lesson in business is to understand as early in your career as possible to do one thing: tell people what you are going to do and then do it. Success is really that simple. The folks at FormTitan understand this very well and I appreciate their assistance. As a form novice I looked at multiple software packages. Between salesforce integration, customization of objects, ease of use and customer service the product is unparalleled. Keep up the good work Benny, Amy, Saar and the team!
Aaron Talone
Best product in the matket!!! Best support and more!!! Do not hasitat, get the product!!!
Ronen Moran
amazing experience working with formtitan We are an immediate medical response organization and need to produce forms in PDF format. Formtitan seems to be the answer for us. We have received amazing online support and direction. Benny is a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful and available.
gittel kaplan

Great Application with Even Better Service For our non-profit, FormTitan has proved to be a great asset to help us grow. The product is innovative and easy to use, and powerful enough to integrate with our salesforce CRM system. Beyond that, the customer service team is incredible, with one-to-one help available quickly whenever you need it. For example, I had a couple of questions regarding connecting the form to our Salesforce system, and Benny was able to schedule a video call where I could share my screen and get quick help within minutes. Can't recommend enough!
John Sims
Great product - a wonderful solution After I have been using same solution from another company for years I have to say that this product is the best I've ever met! I would like to emphasize that the service I received was excellent Thanks Benny
levi Mendelson
Very fast to respond and help with any issues. Can't wait to get more familiar with the product.
Sara Kalker

amazing tool! Formtitan is a great tool! Not only is it economical for my nonprofit clients, it is also an extremely customization and powerful form builder. The integration with Salesforce is really sophisticated and can be used in really creative ways. As many others have noted as well, their customer service is unmatched.
Yelena Kneller
i'm in love i have been using the form titan form builder for a few months now and my experience with the tool and with the customer support is excellent. the tool offers an amazing form editor with some unique feature set that i could not find in other tools. my main point of interest was building complex forms with integration to salesforce. the forms i built so far are a complete success some of them creating and querying objects in SF on the fly with logic rules . as for the support i had 2 cases i needed the support of the problems i raised was solved by adding a new feature to the product (look for the dummy button...) overall a great experience i would gladly recommend
Lior Ofer
Excellent application! Highly recommended! Accessible and easy to use. Implementing the application in our organization made the work more efficient. And Thanks for the quick and high-level support from the support team. P.S. Need more than five stars
Arkadi kristal

Best Form Integration to SF / Great customer support Form Titan has the best features you can imagine, greatly help our business, all our requirements has been met. We are currently using the form builder to create records (Account/Contact/Enquiries) in SF upon website submission. People behind this app especially Benny and Amy are very accommodating when it comes to supporting customer. Extending help outside their business hours just to answer and fix my concerns. Highly recommended!!
Rori De La Cruz
Coeus i.e Intelligent integration A product whose integration with Salesforce is improving every day. I did not find a better complementary product. You do not need code knowledge but just common sense. Service and willingness to make changes to the product is not something that is obvious to software vendors, but with the Titans everything is possible Go for it
Jehonatan Leurer
FormTitan is incredible! I've used several other products and paid much more for less value. The integration with Salesforce is user-friendly and fast. WOW, just WOW!!!
Ray Keen

Im running an IT team and my entire forms processing is now based on the form titan online form builder, its so great and i am happy to be a premium user.
James cohen
i am a graphic designer and im very happy to use this free form builder, it was a life saver and my clients are very happy with the online forms created. i would like to thank the formtitan team for a very nice product.
shani cohen lotan
i would like to share my expirence here: simple, easy, and a very friendly suport team
Edmond kelin

Easy to use form creator, fast learning curve, endless possibilities. your online support is very helpful.
Emily ruddy
excelente a pesar del no hablar ingles me ayudo mucho
jorge eliecer gutierrez
Excellent service, very easy to use, zero downtime.. i will recommend formtitan to everyone to use. Thanks Dibakar
Dibakar Sahoo

Great service, so easy to use, high value for money!
Nir itzhak
Fantastic service. You can choose if you want or bot track ip. It's important because privacy Law is very important. Excellent chat.
Daniele Anelli
FormTitan online form builder has been a real time saver for me. I am saving a lot of time and able to create landing pages and online forms in just minutes. Just try it - don't hesitate - it's great!!
Cynthia C.

I am using forms for the last 20 years and must recommend the FormTitan super builder. I can finally get more people to help me out since it is so simple to use... Enjoy it- cause I do :)
Moti Lippmann
just Amazing! This was everything i was looking for. i love it.
Jakys Gardyner
l've been using few form builders in the past, i found the titan after trying to improve my conversion rates and all the tools i've found were very expensive. this tool gives me a very simple to use form builder, lot of templates and allow me to build a better form using the cro engine. i've managed to create few landing pages which convert very good and also some contact form for my clients.
kumar shubham