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One of the most popular type of forms is the Newsletter form. Many business invest in content and maintain a periodical newsletter which serves them in maintaing relations with exisiting customers and in nurturing new ones. Your newsletter form needs to look good and be easy to fill and submit. FormTitan Newsletter templates are ready-to-use templates built for that purpose. If the form is good for you as-is, simply select and publish. Within less than a minute it's yours, up and running!

What If i want to modify the template and give it a different look?
You can use the template as is, or add and remove elements as you find necessary. E.g. capture more data fields or change your key message. Feel free to use the form with other themes out of our list, or make your own layout changes, add your colors, logo, etc.

How do I add advanced features to the template?
Contact forms are usually short and simple. That’s because you want to make it as easy as you can for your visitors to subscribe. One advanced feature you can use to make sure your form is tuned is our A/B testing feature.. You can try out several newsletter subscription forms and change the key message or the design. With our A/B testing feature we let you run several forms against each other, find out the one with best conversions and select it.

How do i get the submitted data?
By default you will be getting all submissions directly to your mailbox. You can easily customize these emails from within our form builder. Furthermore, you can use our built-in integrations to push your data into other services of your choice. E.g. you can collect all submitted surveys in a document or spreadsheet within your google drive.

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