About us

Our mission is to help you build forms that actually work for you. Powerful forms that not only work and look good, but also boost your results.

FormTitan is the brain child of the FormLogix founders, who started building online forms back in 2005. Since then FormLogix has served over 300,000 users and served millions of multilingual forms around the world.

"We decided to build FormTitan because we identified a real need for a new generation of online form builders. Years of experience showed us that making it easy to build good looking forms is just not good enough. Our users needed assistance with boosting their forms results and improving their conversions.

We started designing a new, robust form builder from scratch. A form builder with an embedded innovative Conversion Rate Optimizer (CRO) engine. This engine automatically checks your form, identifies problems and suggests fixes - it works for you.We also built an A/B testing tool, which makes it easy for you to test and compare different forms and designs to see which works best for you.

To top this all off we added all the features you could ask for: Full customization, powerful reports, conditional rules, API for integrations and much more. We have a growing team of professionals who are passionate about one thing: helping you build forms that work for you.